Mr. P Pandey

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : M.Tech
  • Experience : 3 Years
  • Area Of Interest : High Voltage, Insulation Diagnostics, Nano-dielectrics

Education Qualification

Bachelor in Electrical engineering From Saurashtra  University.

Mtech from NIT Hamirpur
PhD pursuing from IIT Ropar.

Work experience

1).Industrial experience of nearly Two year as Junior Engineering in GSECL.

2).Teaching Experience of nearly Four and half year as  Three year as Assistant professor in degree engineering colleges and one and half year in polytechnic college.
3).Research experience of nearly six month at IIT Ropar.      

Skill and Knowledge

Software skills: Matlab, Comsol, Solidworks, Micrsoft office.

Harware skills: All Insulation Characterization techniques available.   

Course taught

1) High Voltage engineering taught at UG level.

2) power system design taught at UG Level.
3) DC Circuits(3320903) taught at Diploma level.
4) Electrical instrumentation((3320903) taught at Diploma level.

SSIP Nodal officer at Institute level, House keeping committee, Departmental Library incharge

1)Incharge for Institute level work for SSIP 
2)House keeping committee member for electrical and metallurgical building institute level. 
3)Departmental library in-charge for all Library related activity carried out in Department. 

Research project involvement

Research associate for project:

Investigation of new Nanodieletric material for HV Insulation application(CPRI Sponsored) at IIT Ropar


1).Investigation on nanocomposite materials for power cable insulation,September 2017

  • DOI: 10.23919/ISEIM.2017.8088774
  • Conference: 2017 International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Materials (ISEIM)

Academic projects Guided

1) Panel design for  study of Differential protection of transmission line and its characterization.

2) Panel design for study of thermal relay and its characterization. 

Professional Institution membership

1). IEEE Deis student member.

2). ISTE life member.